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Our NFTs are securely recorded on a blockchain — the same technology behind cryptocurrencies — which ensures the asset is one-of-a-kind. We make hit Music Beats that can be purchased. 

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Truly The Whale Collection

There once was a whale named Truly who was in search of a bitcoin fish that was told to have extraordinary strength. It was said that whoever was to capture this unique fish would gain legendary powers and live eternal. After years of searching Truly’s health began to deteriorate rapidly and all hope was beginning to fade but then there it was the Golden Bitcoin fish. This image captures the moment Truly jumped out of the water to catch the unique fish. Maybe one day we will find out if Truly was able to catch it.

 We strive to achieve a higher level of creative art that penetrates into the new realm of digital ecstasy. All of our art is truly limited, unique, original, and verifiable on the blockchain. Everything we do is for the team and community. We have a vast amount of unseen art work ready to be deployed in phases. One of our main goals is to insure that once you buy one of our NFTs, it will gain more value overtime by us marketing and releasing new fascinating digital art.

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The Metaverse

When the time arrives you will be able to display your new NFT in the metaverse that only you will own. Just imagine being able to showcase a limited NFT worth an enormous amount of crypto that can be sold for more then you bought it for. Well, we will make that a reality and the legacy that we leave behind will always be engraved on history.

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Yomo Flex

Creative Director

Danny Chillz

Developer, Blockchain Wizard


Project Manager


Project Manager


Main Artist & Founder

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